1.  Start with the easy stuff.  Eliminate anything that's broken, damaged, or no longer wanted.  Then go to out-of-the-way places like attics, crawlspaces, and garages.  Making progress in 'easier' areas will build momentum to go through the harder-to-decide areas.

2.  Ask Yourself, "If this disappeared tomorrow, would I run out and replace it?  If you wouldn't miss it or need to replace it, it's probably not worth keeping.

3.  Don't be a storage unit for others.  If friends or relatives have left things for you to store, it's time to ask them to pick them up-or arrange to have them shipped.  You may need to be tough and set a firm deadline, after which you will donate the items.

4.  Ask for help.  Although you can do much of this work on your…

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